(Gr)Attitude – Update

This week there have been a lot of things to be grateful for. In no specific order:

  • My truck is now repaired and street legal again.
  • The hike done while waiting on truck repairs ended up being moderate (by Colorado standards) and quite pleasant. It was a treat to take an old friend on since she’s usually too busy with family and work to plan these out herself.
  • The drive back to Denver(over 600 miles) went smoothly.
  • Getting back in the gym, while fighting some things a bit as the injured finger recovers, has been pretty seamless.
  • Plan B, the company did offer me a job. So even though I am still going with Plan A — A for Antarctica — it’s nice to know my skills would be useful to some people.

I also realized that since I am not going to have daily internet access down south, a daily update schedule is not really feasible. Nonetheless, I plan to keep making periodic indications of things I am grateful for.


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