(Gr)Attitude Day 35

Happily, there is a Rudy’s in ABQ. And therefore there was a bit of Texas to discuss for the lunch component of the Plan B meeting. During which meeting I met more interesting people, including one who had seen data from the satellite instrument whose data I used in grad school.

Then the day finished with a decent workout at the local climbing gym. You really come to appreciate the presence of multiple auto-belay devices when the only people you know in the city are feeling under the weather. I also appreciated getting to see a bit more of the city (on previous trips I’d really only seen the area near UNM) and being exposed to some of the cultural differences from Denver. Between watching people and the questions I asked over brisket, it’s pretty clear that the area has a lot less outdoors culture, something I’ve become surprisingly accustomed to the last couple of years.


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